A Guide to The Entry Process:

Here we clearly lay out the process for entering, the requirements to meet the criteria for entry, fees, the sample submission process and the final winner announcements.

1: Enter Your Product on the LBP Awards and Pay for Submission

The fee to enter this year’s LBP Awards is £250.00 for the submission, and £500 per licence to use the award artwork if successful in winning. Make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions before submitting.

2: Submit Your Samples for Testing to LBP HQ

Once your submission has been successful, you will need to send us your samples for testing. We require one sample of each product, we will notify you of the delivery address once your submission is complete.

3: If Successfully Shortlisted, Display the Shortlisted Logos on Your Website, Social Media and Marketing Materials!

Shortlisted logo artwork will be available for download by 28th May 2019 for use on web, print and other visual media (including video).

4: Wait for Results Day!

Winners will be announced on 5th July 2019 and if successful, you will be notified initially via LBP Social Media Channels. Winning artwork will be provided via email once the licence of £500 per winning product has been paid.

5: If Successful in Winning an LBP Award You Will Need to Pay for Your Licence for the Logo Artwork

Winning artwork will be provided in various print-ready and web-ready formats via email once the licence of £500 per winning product has been paid. The licensee is entitled to use the artwork for the life of the product. For any questions relating to artwork licences please drop us a line at awards@lovedbyparents.com